Thursday, December 10, 2009

Even when its play its work

Its like this...I have a gallon of the BEST home made cherry wine from a friend and I wanted to decant it into smaller bottles. I have so many of those huge Patron bottles...they are fabulous bottles and, if you can cut them apart they make the nicest jewelry pieces. Heavy and with hand-blown looking bubbles, I've cut them into rectangles and wrapped the edges with silver for a nice chunk of glam. I only used one of these bottles so far because they are impossible to cut by scoring; I had to resort to using a wet saw (which took a while) and going from there.

Anyway, to use them for food, they have to be sterilized, so I boiled this big pot of water until it is HOT and then I start pouring it in and I hear this loud, Crack! and this crack goes right up the side all the way to the lip!

'Wow, that's interesting' I think to myself, and start pouring again, just to see what happens. Another loud crack and I have a fault that goes all around the bottom! More water, and another crack goes up the other side.

So I now have a large Patron bottle in 3 pieces, ready to be cut down into some workable pieces-

I'm thinking rectangles-some with gleaming sterling stylized leaves, some with swirls, maybe even some with monograms.

And some hearts-gotta have hearts.

But I still have this gallon of cherry wine.

Does tupperware work?

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