Sunday, January 3, 2010

dumb beginnings maybe

Once i make a decision, i like to act on it. now. So, as part of my 'No Resolutions' year, i decided to 1) walk each day and 2) take a photo of the day. i can take more than one photo, but it has to be edited to one official POD.

and etsy doesnt count.

so last night, even tho i've been sick in this apartment since christmas, i decided to walk up to get my dad's pills with my new pocket camera-the camera i've been wanting so bad so i would never be without a camera ever because it fits into my purse. dont get me wrong, i LOVE my Nikon D60, but its so big it counts as a carry-on.

i couldnt feel my thighs after the first mile, but i made it to the store in time-although the pharmacy closed as soon as i was done.

on the way home, i played with my camera-as much as i could in 10 degrees-shooting a couple houses that were all lit up and playing trans-siberian orchestra's christmas carols.

it was the first time i'd really messed with the camera and i haven't used a point-and-shoot for so long it took a while to get around the auto-flash-you know how crappy lights look with flash-but i discovered a 'museum-mode' that lets you shoot with no flash and longer exposures. 'course, when i got home and looked at the camera, i found the flash button where you can trigger it on/off/red eye/etc.

oh well, i found another way. i think it worked, tho.

but here is my official picture of the day-oh, and as far as how i did with my walk, i got in over 3 miles AND i made it well worth my while--i also brought home a bottle of el cheap-o diluted rum and 2 boxes of swiss miss hot chocolate so if i DO have a relapse, I AM READY.

Here's JAN 2 P.O.D:

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