Friday, January 15, 2010

Let's get real here

So much for my 1) walk each day and 2) photo of the day.
It ain't me, sorry; i just dont work that way. that implies moving forward on many fronts, doing a little bit each day on many things. Multi-tasking.

nah, not gonna happen.

I work in spurts, in phases. i will immerse myself in a couple things and live/breathe it day and night until i finished it or have gotten it flowing pretty smoothly. then i move on to the next thing on my agenda. That's it, secret's out...I'm a serial-aholic.

Right now i'm focusing on my jewelry shop, urbanartifaks. Once i get that up to speed and moving to where i can just do maintenance on it, i'll move onto my other etsy shop, jacqmstudios where all my fiber art and other work is. My mind is already working in that area coming up with ideas and things i want to make. Once that gets full and moving, THEN i will move on to my photography. If i do that like i do everything else, i'll experiment with different techniques and styles and build on what i do already.

Much of my experimentation is head work. I need to have a goal or result i want to achieve before i can do anything. that gives me a sort of direction or means of evaluating my progress. I hate to be aimless, as i dont usually end up with anything concrete. That's why all my efforts to learn Photoshop by "just go play around with all the buttons and see what they do" taught me nothing. I needed to have a goal, a desired may change along the way, but i need to have that direction.

I need the "what if".

Most people think i should focus on developing 'good' habits so i can work better...but that's because certain methods are perceived as 'right' and everything else therefore is wrong.
I think we need to take the time to figure out how we personally work the best, and then find ways to maximize our results. We cant all fit the same mold...since we're unique people we work differently. i remember complaining to my daughter years ago because i would go months without producing anything. Her answer was, "yes, but you produce more in those couple months you DO work than most people do in a year" and that's true.

i guess i'm tired of reading all these 'self-help' articles telling me how to be like everyone else.

Popeye had the right idea..."i yam what i yam, and thats all that i yam."

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