Friday, September 4, 2009

a new blog!

OK, i'm starting new with the fall year...after all, its back to school and all that--although i'm a long way from being in school. yet somehow the feeling has never left me. its just such an intense time of year. the weather is crisp--hot and dry during the day yet cooling down at night and even the sunlight is more intense.

its a good time to start new things.

i'm starting many things...back to work with the school photography (my main job); i just got back from seven springs ski resort and may be doing some photography work there, and i'm shooting at the house of blues to fill in as the indians baseball season starts to wind down.
i also need to get some artwork done ASAP--there're shows to do and inventory to build up and new venues to seek out.

this blog will kinda be about my work, kinda be about how i find the work--how i will finally quit my 8-5 daytime job to follow my dream of doing many things and to share how they all seem to work out. its kinda about my new adventures in living.

but for now, its off to bed.

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