Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wait til next year.........

I thought of another name to call my artwork: Second Wind. Most of my work is done late at night when--and IF--I get my second wind, so I thought it sounded good.

I'm at that time of year when ALL of my jobs and ventures are running full time job doing school portraits has started up for the fall and overlaps my summer job of shooting MLB fans at the stadium, which overlaps my replacement for that job shooting for the House of Blues and then all my artwork--I delivered the 5 new Day of the Dead Skeleton pieces (see below) for a show and then my jewelry--there's a gallery artwalk coming up the first weekend of the month (just 1 1/2 weeks away!!!) that I need to gear up for PLUS getting new work up on my Etsy account ( I've been drinking a lot of wine lately from local wineries so I can make jewelry from them in the hopes of marketing local-to-local.
Add to the mix I'm supposed to be taking care of my 90 yr old parents...

Good thing I cancelled out of the 3-day show I wanted to do. My motto has become "Wait til next year..." Must be rubbing off on me from working at the ballpark.

Piece #5--Wait Til Next Year"

I submitted photos to Skull-A-Day, a really cool project where he posted a skull a day for an entire year in 2007. then he did another year posting skulls submitted to him or found by him on the web. You can find his story here:

What a way cool project!

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